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September 2014



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So Long Thanks For All The Fish

I'm starting to pack my bags and move to Dreamwidth. If you're still interested in reading my spammy stuff, I'm petzipellepingo over there as well.


I am seriously thinking of moving with you ... although I said I never would.
I'm staying at both; since DW can cross post to LJ, it doesn't really do me any harm. At least, not that I know of.
Thanks - that is what I have just started to set up ... hope LJ behaves itself!! I have a unique layout and over 200 icons - don't want to have to work all that out again!
If you have a paid account at DW you can import all your LJ icons complete with keywords.
Oh, thanks for that tip - I have set up an accoubnt and have managed to get all my entries there. I shall not pay for the account until I find out, for sure, what LJ are going to do ... but good to know I can get them all to move ... I would miss having that option!
Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Please cross post at least? Is it because of the latest friend's page fiasco? You have been one of the pillars of my LJ forever and your not being here ....
Will you still read here?</p>

The above is not an exggeration.

It depends on what kind of a mess they make of everything here. If I totally hate it, then it will be Dreamwidth only.
I have long been an LJ supporter as have you. Things change and I hate that. But I am thinking of quietly cross-posting from DW from now on(and nobody will even notice here) instead of just backing up every week or so. However, I still have too many dear ones here to jump ship completely just yet.

Will you cross-post here, at least until we see how this pans out?

You are my comfort read in the morning with coffee.

Just a thought, but depending on your account level, you can create a feed for any DW to view on your LJ flist.

YOu actually have to have a paid account, but it can be done here:

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Yes, I have quite a few feeds on my LJ already (I have a permanent account). The problem with that is that commenting on a feed doesn't send that comment to the poster...kind of defeating the purpose of a comment.

I have a DW account but am rarely over there unless it's to import my LJ content.It's my back-up site but little else at this point.
Oh dear! I hope you're going to crosspost as I don't check DW as often as LJ. I think I'll probably have to now...and remember to crosspost myself :(
Wish you all the best, and I'm going to miss you very much!

Are you leaving LJ or cross posting?

Egads! I get up early to read you!
It depends on what kind of a mess they make of everything here. If I totally hate it, then it will be Dreamwidth only.
OY!! I don't think I can do without you.

I hate the idea of leaving lj for dream width - but I hate the idea of being here alone. I guess time will tell, but please don't lose touch!
I'm going to be crossposting everything from there, I think. At least until what's happening here is clarified.

See you the other side, Petzi.
I'm beginning to think along the same lines myself. I hate it, because not all my flist will cross over, but if they abolish paid accounts here as well as introducing that nasty friends list thing, then I can't see the joy in staying around.

At least for now, though, please, please crosspost here as well? It's all automatic from DW, so you wouldn't need to do anything extra.
i would be glad if you cross-posted as well. but if not, thank you for your spammy stuff time here at lj and i wish you well!
Oh dear - I shall miss you if you don't cross post over here, but I suppose I will be tempted to go if I can't view my f-list in my style as I really don't like the beta Facebook style AT ALL!!
Are you cross-posting still?
For now yes, but we'll see after LJ makes its move.
I'm trying not to move unless and until there's no choice, because there are comms here that aren't there, blah blah, and I barely have the time to check one site, much less two, so I hope you'll crosspost, because that's easy.
I hate Dreamwidth. It is clunky, it crashes, and I think if everyone leaves LJ I will probably just go back to spending my spare time knitting.
stay with us!
Here or there, makes no matter. I would miss you.

That said, DW has greatly inproved since its early days and I do have to doff my hat to the creators and coders who strive for improvement.

But I'll stay here until the bitter end, cross-posting aside.
I'm not planning on going anywhere - but it might get boring if everyone else does.
What pondhopper said. We'd miss you terribly!

Damn LJ!
I updated my dreamwidth account yesterday. But, I'll probably mostly stay here. I'm shipperx over there as well though.

:small voice: don't go::small voice:
I am probably going to start cross-posting, but I'm going to wait and see if they make this change mandatory before jumping ship completely(and all indications are that they will).
and all indications are that they will).

Yeah, damn it.
If only that damned LJ would leave well enough alone...
Will be watching for you there ::hugs::
I too will consider cross posting... I have already cancelled my automatic payments, so I can wait and see what happens.

I feel sad...
I'll have to check that you're on my fl over there as I definitely don't want to lose touch. They really don't seem to want us much any more, do they.
I'll miss you! I'm staying put
Me, too, Deb.
There are indications that the new friend's list page will be customizable at least to the extent of making it readable AND the infinite scrolling will be opt-in-out.
Already added - hope you'll cross-post, for now I still only watch my LJ F-List
I did so long ago, and did take a significant cut in my traffic, but to me, it's worth it to feel safe and comfortable. :)

To be honest, if I could manage to run the comms I have that are still on LJ, I would delete my LJ altogether and just run on OpenID on DW. I've been looking at how to get around that for a while and haven't come up with anything yet.

I've already subscribed to you on DW, so I'll see you there.